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Grace Leslie Therapy offers virtual therapy sessions via telephone and videocall to adults across Ontario.
Currently accepting new clients!

Considering Therapy?

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Chances are you haven't been feeling like yourself lately. Perhaps you've been feeling depressed, worried, lost, disengaged, exhausted, or stuck and have decided to take that first step towards making a change. Asking for help takes great courage, and for many can feel daunting and uncomfortable. It’s been said that discomfort often needs to happen in order to overcome challenges, to grow and to embrace a life worth living.  
I welcome you to schedule a complementary consultation with me so that we can discuss how I can support you through this difficult time.


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Loss & Life Transitions
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Mission & Vision

Grace Leslie Therapy provides a safe and inclusive space for adults across Ontario who seek to address difficulties relating to work, work-life balance, anxiety, depression, trauma and loss or life transitions through online psychotherapy.
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I value and respect my client’s lived experiences and believe that they are the expert of their own lives. I also believe that they have the right to therapy that is considerate and personalized to their unique circumstances and specific needs. I recognize that my own background, experiences and privileges have shaped my worldview and I am committed to continually learning, unlearning, understanding and listening to those whose experiences differ from my own, so that I am able to support each of my clients in an open, non-judgmental, inclusive and affirming way. 


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