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Doctor's Desk
Healthcare Professionals
Your work is important, now more than ever, and you care deeply about your patients and clients. This is one of your greatest strengths and also what makes the tough days and loss even more painful.
Therapy Session
The pit in your stomach is a familiar one, that constant overwhelming sense that something is wrong, replaying an interaction or incident over and over, ruminating about the past and worrying about the future
Businesswoman with Mask
Work & Work life Balance
Working in the Human Resources field for 8+ years, I have a deep understanding of the types of conflict, stressors, and uncertainties that can occur while on the job and the resulting impacts on mental health and wellbeing. 
Psychology Session
Life can be a beautiful adventure, filled with surprises, heartache, joy, celebration, highs, and lows. Life can also be exhausting, monotonous, with one to-do after another, feeling like a never-ending chore, and where the lows can feel very low, and the highs rarer, and fewer and further between.
Pink Blossom
Loss & Life Transitions
Losing someone you love can drastically change your life and leave a void that feels like it could never be filled. Grief is necessary to process and come to terms with loss. If avoided, you may end up with long-lasting grief that makes things worse, not better.
Holding Hands
Trauma comes in many forms, big and small, and can occur in any stage or facet of life. While traumas can often have similar damaging effects, each individual will likely hold a unique experience and interpretation of how they have experienced and processed their own trauma.
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