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Girl in Therapy


Life can be a beautiful adventure, filled with surprises, heartache, joy, celebration, highs, and lows. Life can also be exhausting, monotonous, with one to-do after another, feeling like a never-ending chore, and where the lows can feel very low, and the highs rarer, and fewer and further between. If you have ever felt sad, hopeless, worthless or that you aren’t ‘enough’ and wondered what the point of all of this is, you are not alone. You might be telling yourself that you aren’t happy now, but you will be once you get that promotion or once you quit this job, once you meet the person of your dreams, or once you end this relationship, once you finally finish your degree, buy that house, take the vacation.....the list goes on.  What if you could be happy today? With everything that life is throwing your way, even through the monotony, inevitable lows, challenges, and hardship? Of course there are many factors outside of ourselves that can impact our mental health (hello Covid-19), but I believe that you have the resiliency  to hang on through the hard times, the ability to find beauty and peace in the monotony and can thrive in the life you are living right now.
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