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Work & Work-life Balance

Working in the Human Resources field for 8+ years, I have a deep understanding of the types of conflict, stressors, and uncertainties that can occur while on the job and the resulting impacts on mental health and wellbeing. 
With many of us currently working from home, the lines between work and life have become blurred, meaning less time for self-care and relaxation, and more time to work and experience burnout. You might find yourself holding multiple, competing roles as parent, employee and teacher, or perhaps days are too quiet with little human interaction, leading you to feel isolated and alone. All these changes add a new kind of challenge to our work and lives, and can leave many feeling tired, burnt out and unsure of how to manage it all. You might be dealing with specific conflict or challenges at work right now, unsure about your path or next steps, or struggling with guilt and exhaustion while balancing the many demands of work and life during this ‘new normal’.
Together we can explore and understand the difficulties you have been experiencing relating to your work and the impact this is having on your life. We can assess your strengths, values, needs, and set goals. A variety of strategies can be utilized to strengthen relationships, assert boundaries, find acceptance, commit to meaningful change, prioritize self-care and achieve balance and wellbeing while at work and at home.
Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters
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